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How to setup Office on iOS devices?

You can use the Office mobile applications to work anytime from anywhere. Just log in with a free MS account or an Office work or school account. With a qualifying subscription, you will have access to the application’s extra features. If you are using a MacBook then you can go for office.com/setup to install the desktop version of Office.

Now follow these keys to set up Office for iOS:

  • Click or tap here to launch any Office app like.
  • Log in with your MS account or Office 365 work/school account.
  • Tap on the Next blue button.
  • If you do not have an MS Account, you will have to create one for free using any email ID you already possess.
  • Once you reach the page ‘Use Word on the Go’ and tap Create and Edit.
  • After signing in your account gets automatically added to the offer Office app installed on your iOS device.
  • If you signed with an MS account that is linked with Office 2019 or 2016 you may need to upgrade to Office 365.
  • Follow the keys to buy a plan or you can also select May be Later, if you do not need a subscription.
  • To get extra features you will have to get a subscription.
  • Tap on Open to add another account or cloud service (OneDrive or Dropbox) and tap Add an Account.
  • In case of using OneNote, tap on Settings and then on Account.
  • Now either tap on Yes or No, to help us improve your Office mobile experience.
  • Tap Turn on Notification to turn on alerts or you can simply tap Not Now if you do not want to receive notifications.
  • Select the Cloud service that you want to add and here you are done with the process.
  • Finally, type your email address and password to sign into the service.
  • If you need any help setting up and using Office apps on an iOS device then you can visit www.office.com/setup for mac. There are times when you go for Office setup & enter product key. You can give us a call at +1800-958-211 to know that process and activate your services. Our expert team will also help you in fixing any query related to MS Office. For instant guidance, you can email us too.

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