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How to fix 1603 Error while Office 2013 Set-up?

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Getting the Office 365 installed is just like a piece-of-cake if you know the correct system requirements. Knowing the correcting info is not enough, your system meets those needs lie RAM and CPU power then only you can enjoy use of Office 2013 on your system. What if you are just one step away to get it installed and face error 1603? Do you know why and how this error occurs? When you try to get a Ms Windows Installer package you may get the following error message: ‘‘Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during the installation”.

Get this error fixed by the expert’s help and to reach them visit www.office.com/setup. Go through the article which is provided by the certified techies only, on the appeared message box, click Ok and installation will roll back.

Some of the Basic Causes of Error 1603 and the Answers to those Issues are:

  • This error may occur when the scheduler service stops. To resolve this technical hitch you can type “net start schedule” at a cmd window.
  • Environment variable “ComSpec” is modified. The Solution is to remove the semicolon as it must not be present in the variable.
  • Permission issue: There may be some customer permissions affecting installation.

You can do the following to Resolve this Error:

  • Get the Office 2013 installation package installed to a folder that is not encrypted, later you can lock it.
  • You can install the Office 2013 installation package to a drive that is not accessed as a substitute drive .It can be :c/ or :d/ etc.
  • If you are using Windows 2000 or XP then it may also create trouble while the installation process is going on as lack of permission to the SYSTEM account can be big trouble.
    • Just giving the complete control permission to this account can rectify the problem some times.

If you are unable to work on the three points provided above or get stuck at some point, connect to specialists. You can reach our techies regarding office.com setup and the related problems. Just give us call @+1800-958-211 or contact via email service for additional info or help.

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